“To Teepee Or Not To Teepee…”

Women’s, A- grade

Appearance: Ah, The Langham, “five-star luxury” – what high hopes this reviewer had for her quick nip to one of your loos… and how quickly they came crashing down. It’s all a bit tired and dated… dare I say, a bit naff. A few plants and lamps aren’t enough to distract from the distinct lack of personality or luxury in these loos. There was toilet paper teepee’d across two of the cubicles and used tissue dotted about on the side tables and sinks – maybe Afternoon Tea got a little rowdy that day. But whatever the case, I was underwhelmed and disappointed. It was all impeccably clean though, barring the loo roll strewn about the place.


Smell: Meh, it was fine. Nothing special.

Paper: Not particularly memorable.

Flush: Did the job.

Washing: I appreciated the nice hand soap number – one of the only signs you were meant to be in fancy facilities – but those taps don’t scream luxury to me.

Best: These loos were very clean… just not very tidy after our mystery teepee’er.

Worst: The lack of any real luxurious features. The tiles, taps, sinks etc. are all very dated – this loo needs a serious makeover.


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