“The phantom music”


Women’s, B+ grade

Appearance: I found these loos after I mistakenly walked towards the men’s – which are the only ones that are easy to see. A kind gentleman toilet user pointed me in the right direction. (I’m not sure how he knew, presumably he made the opposite mistake to me). This small sign above is carefully concealed down a corridor. I reviewed these toilets as soon as the theatre opened for the evening, so they were at the height of cleanliness.I had my pick of six clean loos.  WHAT A TREAT.


Smell: Clean and fresh, like a field of flowers waiting to be picked.

Paper: Industrial bog roll. The only real sign of tardiness in these loos was the gaffer tape holding the loo paper cover together – but at least they used black tape.

Washing: Three sinks and two paper towel dispensers – abundant.


Best: The classical music being piped into the room made me feel as if the phantom of the opera was serenading me.

Worst: For an opera house, there’s just a little luxury missing from these loos. Don’t get me wrong, they’re modern and fresh. Just not really…operatic.


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