Women’s, A grade

Appearance: OH MY! I felt like I’d stepped into an old-fashioned candy store, and I half expected to see jars of lollies lining the walls and candy floss spinning just for me. So much thought has been put into these loos – I really think they’re Transport World’s best feature and they should advertise them on their website instead of all their vintage cars.


Smell: For such a busy place, these loos did not smell, and I think the bouquet of colours made me imagine it smelled of the sweetest of fragrances.


Flush: Good strong flush

Paper: Real loo paper!! It’s not often we get to say that at Bog. And look at the ingenious spare roll holder above the loo, so thoughtful.


Washing: OMG, when I got to the pastel sinks with their colour-coordinated soap dispensers, I just couldn’t choose. Don’t worry, after much humming and harring I did wash my hands and dry them in that snazzy hand dryer.


Best: EVERYTHING! These loos were so good they actually made my day and you need to go to Invercargill to use them, right now.

Worst: There was no actual candy in here. I would suggest adding jars of candy, but you know, not everyone washes their hands, so let’s not go there.







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