“Beach Bum Brilliance”

Women’s, B+ grade


Appearance: This loo is a real looker on the outside and not bad on the inside either. It’s tucked away from Mt Maunganui Beach at the base of Mt Drury Reserve. There are delightful seaside-themed tiles lining the walls and a great wooden sloping roof to peer up at while spending a penny. Mt Maunganui is awash with public facilities (trust me, after eating pizza that had been festering in a tent in 27°C heat all day, I visited a lot of them) – but these are my favourites. They’re clean, bright and spacious.

Smell: These toilets must see many visitors considering the location – but your nostrils wouldn’t know it. A neutral smell – helped by topnotch ventilation.

Paper: A thin roll but not West Auckland public toilet thin.

Flush: What a marvellous flush! Powerful and efficient.

Washing: The sinks were sparkling clean, there was some nice soap to lather up your hands and a working hand dryer. What more could you ask for?


Best: The beachy design and general cleanliness.

Worst: The hook was missing from the door – but let’s be honest I didn’t care where my bag was flying when I got in that cubicle after that pizza.



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