“Feeling blue”

Women’s, A grade

Appearance: The owners of this brand new Invercargill tourist attraction also own Transport World – winners of Bog’s favourite loo award. (It’s a prestigious honour). So it was with much excitement that I walked – nay ran – to inspect their facilities. Well…it had all the elements needed for an A grade and I couldn’t fault it, but strangely I couldn’t help but feel it lacked a little pizzazz. It was like the modern, stripped-back cousin of Transport World’s award-winning loo.

mecca 3

Smell: Fresh. With all that fresh, sky blue paint, how could it smell otherwise?

Paper: This is where these loos really clean up. Whoever decided the loo papers need personalised stickers and spends time standing around individually sticking on said stickers really has an eye for detail. (Sticker person, if you’re reading this, you should really list that on your CV under ‘key skills’).

mecca 2

Flush: These are brand-new loos so I felt safe and secure.

mecca 4

Washing: Ok so there’s some pros and cons here. The giant Vespa under the sink is impressive, but if you lean against the glass edge of the water shelf, you’re liable to come away with a wet mark. I’m just not sure what’s wrong with a normal sink.

mecca 1

Best: I applaud the effort made in this loo – the roomy layout, the aforementioned toilet paper.

Worst: Sorry to say it, but it just felt a bit bland. Maybe a splash of colour that isn’t blue would brighten it up.


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