“I saw the sign(s)”

Women’s, B grade

Appearance: This is one of Bog’s favourite cafes – the food is fantastic, but the proprietors of this modest but tidy loo have attempted to be GOOD CITIZENS by placing important must-read signage throughout this loo. The problem is, there are so many signs everywhere you turn, that if you were on a date and you stood there conscientiously trying to read them all, by the time you emerged, your love interest would assume you had been in there for a rather different reason…guaranteed romance killer.


Smell: A little stale

Paper: Very thin industrial role – didn’t you read the sign, their pipes can’t cope with anything thicker

Flush: There’s a sign for that.

chocfish 5

Washing: One basin for two loos, I always find that a bit disconcerting. Also I got distracted by two signs about soiled nappies by the sink (because one clearly wasn’t getting the message through).

chocfish 4

Best: The Wonder Woman pic by the entrance. It made me feel empowered, although by the time I’d read the copious number of instructions I felt like a naughty child.

Worst: My eyes started to blur from all the extra curricular reading.








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