“Subliminal advertising”

Women’s, C+ grade

Appearance: These loos are in the most picturesque spot imaginable. They’re in the middle of Cromwell’s historic quarter, right beside a lake. The surrounds really got my hopes up for some classy rich-tourist toilets. Alas, it was not to be. Inside was like a school camp toilet from 1983. But do look at this view.

cromwell 1

Smell: With such noble ventilation, what smell?

Paper: Industrial bog roll.

Flush: Fine, you just don’t want to touch anything, or sit on that seat.

cromwell 4

Washing: This is where it really gets interesting. Think that’s normal pink ooze in that soap dispenser? I’m not so sure. It smelled so delightful, I can only assume their soap stockist was the nearby purveyors¬†of luxury smellies, the¬†Tent House, and it was a cheap trick designed to entice you their way. It almost worked.


Best: The best-smelling soap I’ve smelled in a low grade public loo.

cromwell 3

Worst: The hand dryer didn’t work, and this place was actually verging on creepy – would you want to walk through this creaky, darkened door?

cromwell 5



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